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10 IN 1 SOS Survival Emergency Multi Tool Box Kit EDC Tools For Camping Travel Hiking Adventurer


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                  10 in 1 SOS Survival Emergency Tool Box Kit For Outdoor Camping Travel Hiking
                  Product Description
                  Material: Steel
                  Color: Black
                  Box size: 17x12x5cm
                  ●10 in 1, fully functional
                  ●Durable and long service life
                  ●Waterproof, shockproof box
                  ●Lightweight and easy to carry

                  -Tungsten steel broken window pen
                  -A pen is prepared for breaking car glass in emergency, also can be used for normal writing.
                  Multi-function pliers:
                  1.Sharp-nose vise
                  2. Gear cutter
                  3. Bottle opener
                  4. Phillips screwdriver
                  5. Cutter
                  6. Lighting torch
                  Fret saw:
                  -Put the thumb into the pull ring on both sides, stretch it, make it taut, and move the fret saw back and forth briskly
                  Application: Wild Survival Tools
                  Package included:
                  1 x Multi-function pliers with LED light
                  1 x Multi-function tool card
                  1 x Bottle hanging
                  1 x Fret saw
                  1 x High frequency double hole whistle
                  1 x glare flashlight
                  1 x Multi-function cutter
                  1 x Tungsten steel broken window pen
                  1 x Bracelet
                  1 x Multi-function blade
                  1 x Box

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